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December 2020


Dear friends of The TeamBuilders Group:

You matter to us. We hope you have found a way to support one another through this tough time.

Jordan and his family have relocated and planted roots in Lexington, Massachusetts. As this new door has opened in his life, and he took stock of his growth and struggle, he decided to focus his efforts on writing and building the new nonprofit, Collaboration Nation. 


And so, it is with mixed emotion that we share The TeamBuilders Group is sunsetting. 

Without the generous financial and emotional support of William and Doris Lippman, Howie and Sherri Lippman, and Dr. Heather Benjamin, none of our work would have been possible. 
We appreciate every client, every team member, every critical friend, every cheerleader. Thank you administration for guiding us, teachers for partnering with us, learners for educating us, and parents/guardians for trusting us. Thank you for being a patient partner. We learned at each step as we tested approaches to creating equity through educator and student collaboration. 

At times of uncertainty and change, we have learned to trust Kenda's sage wisdom, "it's an essential step in the transition. There's a saying, 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.' "


Yes, And our work continues at Collaboration Nation:

Join Teacher Talk Tuesdays, on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5 pm eastern, led by two of Collaboration Nation's Directors of Professional Learning and Development and practicing teacher leaders - - Andrew Cress and Mary Arena.  It's a wonderful opportunity to get introduced to and to begin collaborating with your colleagues who want to change the world with you.

RSVP for Teacher Talk Tuesday on 12-8-20 at 5 pm eastern here:


We hope you know we appreciate you, we wish you health and happiness, and through Collaboration Nation, we remain committed to supporting you.

Yours in equitable collaboration,

The TeamBuilders family 

Mary, Kenda, Tiffany, and Jordan

About Collaboration Nation.  

We are a nonprofit organization made up of an expanding group of people committed to a mission of nothing less than changing the world by helping teacher leaders create equity in schools through collaboration.  Ours is an authentic professional learning network for equity-focused teacher leaders looking for like-minded peers. Our community provides social and emotional connections for mutual support and welcomes inclusive scholarship of our improvement efforts.

What can you do?




The TeamBuilders Group promotes student and educator success by enhancing collaborative learning within and between schools.

cultivating collaborative schools




Thriving communities and schools where educators are actively learning along with their students to tackle pressing problems.


Dr. Jordan Lippman, founder and CEO of The TeamBuilders Group, and Research Director for the newly formed nonprofit, Collaboration Nation, attended the Carnegie Foundation Summit last week.


Watch the recap discussion with Dr. Peter Mathis of Shady Side Academy, Mary Arena and Dr. Jordan Lippman about the Carnegie Foundation Summit on Educational Improvement.

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