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First semester unpaid, second semester paid


TeamBuilders Group is looking for creative, self-motivated high school students that are charismatic, and responsible that want to succeed in life. Not only will you gain valuable educational, artistic, and business skills, but you will be part of a fast-growing and exciting educational start-up company that is part of the STEAM educational movement.  


Internship Options:

  • Early Childhood Teacher

    • Learn how to build curriculum and lesson plans

    • Assist teachers with lessons involving design and collaborative problem solving

  • Artistic Teacher

    • Using hand puppets within our enrichment program

    • Assist in creating storylines for educational programs

  • Research and Program Evaluation

    • Build researching and evaluating skills

    • Get a chance to meet professionals and network

  • Ed Tech Specialist

    • Test existing technologies

    • Update and maintain social media



  • In-person meetings for 3 hours a week

  • Accountable for 3 working hours


Skills and requirements

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Excellent organization, time management, skills



  • Real-life business experience

  • Build onto your resume

  • Letter of Recommendation

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