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Formative assessment is a critical part of TeamBuilders’ T.R.U.S.T. model of collaboration Instructional skill building. The TeamBuilders Group works closely with educators to customize our formative assessment strategies to make them appropriate for individual classrooms. 



We have integrated our formative assessment model into:

  • A “look-for” sheet

  • An observation protocol

  • Behavior management tools such as Class Dojo or PBIS school wide tools called the SWISS Suite 

  • Sticker charts 

  • Standards-based grading systems



We have developed rubrics for the TeamBuilders competencies:

  • Listen

  • Help

  • Share

  • Encourage 



We also have rubrics for the general educational objectives of 

  • Collaborative group work 

  • Accepting and providing peer feedback

  • Group conflict resolution (i.e., ability of a group to work together to resolve a problem) 



Upon request, we can also provide baseline and summative performance assessments of all four 21st century learning skills including collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

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