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customized coaching and modeling


  • Modeling of instructional strategies, prompting for reflection, and feedback

  • On-demand virtual support


Ready-to-use materials including visual aids, color-coded lesson kits, and resources for pedagogical strategy use


  • Formative, teacher-driven assessment

  • Optional baseline and summative assessments


  • Online lesson plans, videos, and assessments

  • Optional, self-paced, online teacher training

Improvement Cycles

PDSA cycles of improvement for School Working Groups of teachers and leaders focused on increasing collaborative learning practices

Regional Cohort
Opportunities for Working Groups to form, join, or visit a cohort to share and learn from others

teambuilders coaches:

  • Co-create goals with your team, oversee customized implementation

  • Adapt assessments and rubrics for you

  • Provide PD materials, lesson kits, visual aids, and resources for a voluntary group of educators

  • Facilitate 3 virtual meetings and 2 in-person PD days

Strategically Select a District Initiative as the Focus of Our Work

Enhanced academic group work (Maker Ed, Design Thinking, PBL)

Improved student behavior (PBIS, SEL, Anti-bullying)

Deepened faculty collaboration (Co-planning, Co-teaching, PLCs)

Fully Tailored, Customized Approach

  • Curriculum integration

  • Coaching and modeling

  • Extensions to school culture

  • Assessment strategy and analysis

  • Parent engagement events

Scope and Sequence

PreK-2nd Grades

Master TeamBuilders competencies

  • Listening

  • Sharing

  • Helping

  • Encouraging

3rd Grade

  • Provide and accept feedback

4th Grade

  • Resolve conflicts as a team

5th Grade

  • Understand personal responsibility

  • Manage projects as a team

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“TeamBuilders services are filling a missing piece in helping our teachers build student skills and improve classroom behavior.” 

Kristin Golomb, Director of Innovation

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