Monsters and Builders

Who can resist silly costumes and building blocks? Definitely not the kids who attended the kick off for the Family Resource Center at Liberty Gardens on May 10, 2014. The Kingsley Association and invited Interactive Story Adventures (ISA) to join the East Liberty Development Incorporation’s Sunday cookout at Liberty Gardens. ISA created the world of Funville for children to have fun thinking and moving.

Under a large tent that shielded everyone from the heavy rain outside, Jordan and Anthoney took kids through a building adventure. Children were given construction hats so that they could build the most stable structures possible. Some found that a strong foundation made for a strong creation, while others just wanted to see how high they could make their towers.

Once they were finished being Builders, the children hung up their construction hats and chose costumes, transforming them into Silly Monsters. These Silly Monsters weren’t interested in building anything; instead, they wanted to tear down the builders’ towers! As Silly Monsters, the children chose a ball and tried to think about the best way to throw them so that they could tear down the buildings in one go. Almost everyone loved this part best – you could hear it in their joyful cheers.

Despite the rain, the event was a huge success. Everyone had a chance to build and tear down, and some even braved the rain for a second and third turn.

This summer, ISA will be back in the Liberty Gardens community to run a summer program for the children called Adventures on the ISA Express. Keep an eye out!

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