TeamBuilders 2.0 in Action!

Here at The TeamBuilders Group, our goal is to make our products about the development of children and collaborative learning cultures. To ensure success in teaching deliberate collaboration, tools need to be effective and easy to implement. That is why TeamBuilders builds WITH and not just for teachers — and why we are so very proud that TeamBuilders is generating such positive comments directly from those who are using it!

For those unfamiliar with TeamBuilders 2.0, it is a program that provides K-2 educators with a toolkit and online training system for creating collaborative learning cultures in the classroom. TeamBuilders 2.0 includes easy-to-use lesson plans and materials that are aligned to Common Core Standards with Math and ELA integration. In addition, our programs are designed to incorporate 21st Century Learning skills with an emphasis on social-emotional development. We also include a new training platform that gives teachers access to self-paced online PD. Teachers who take part in TeamBuilders 2.0 also gain access to our Professional Learning Network (PLN) and peer support group, Collaboration Nation. The PLN is designed to provide educators with incentives for professional growth and development, as well as, a forum for conversation amongst educators and domain experts. Teachers who have had TeamBuilders resources in their classroom before, love the way their feedback has been incorporated in TeamBuilders 2.0. A teacher from Propel, Alex H., said what she liked best was seeing her suggestions become part of the implementation of TeamBuilders 2.0, and being able to provide students with a hands-on resource to promote collaboration. For educators using TeamBuilders tools for the first time, the response has been great! As Ciara C. said of her second grade class at Margaret Ross Elementary, “we do a lot of group work and it has been very nice to integrate the TeamBuilders Skills. All I have to do is mention them, and the students know exactly what I am speaking of. I also hear my students using the language within their groups when working together.” Kait D., a second grade teacher in the Hopewell Area School District, agrees, because she believes it is important for students to know how to collaborate at a young age. Kait said TeamBuilders 2.0 “helps to create opportunities for collaboration and learning through team building while maintaining student interest.” At the core of the TeamBuilders philosophy, is the belief that students and educators excel in collaborative learning cultures. It is exciting to see this happening in so many new classrooms. The start of 2017 has been an exciting time for The TeamBuilders Group. TeamBuilders 2.0 is bringing collaborative learning to classrooms and schools throughout western PA and beyond. You can find out more about TeamBuilders 2.0 and what teachers are saying about us by following us on social media and checking out our website.

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