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“Teachers in North Arlington School District found TeamBuilders a well-supported, well-designed instructional tool to help build student collaboration...students need to work together effectively to learn and show engineering and design strategies. TeamBuilders encouraged the vocabulary, skills, and mindset for that to happen.”

Holly Foley, Director of Curriculum, North Arlington School District

I am usually very skeptical of new initiatives but TeamBuilders exceeded my expectations. In only a few lessons I was able to strengthen the foundation of group work in my class. It was amazing to see the students singing the collaboration song throughout the day- and even behaving better at recess.

Ariane Barroquiero, 1st Grade Teacher, Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

I used the TeamBuilders lessons at the end of the year it completely transformed my classroom. I wish we started at the beginning of the year with them so I could weave them into the fabric of my class all year.

Amy Parker, Kindergarten Teacher, Independence Elementary School

As a STEM educator I’m most excited about the listening aspect of TeamBuilders. Learning to actively listen to others is a crucial skill for our young learners. When our young students are tuned in to their peers, true collaboration is possible. TeamBuilders is transforming the culture of learning in our school through listening.

Maureen Frew, Maker Education Specialist, Avonworth Primary

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